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Icons, layouts, contests
Under Construction. To note, this comm will be member-only, and if you request to join I will do a backcheck in your profile to make sure you really do credit where it is due. The comm is not yet officially open, but if you have a request to make I will do my best to fulfill it. But please bear in mind: I have limited resources. If you have a specific image in mind, please upload it somewhere and link me to it. The only thing I ask is that you please do not request animation.

Requests open to all: Limit to 3, check post for guidelines
Contest open to members only: No contest open at this time

Wed/o1.16.o7: Applied a community layout. Have 6 icons up so far. Might toss a mood theme up soon once I get one made. Requests still open!

Tue/o1.o8.o7: Added a contest post. No contest open right now, but its there.

Mon/o1.o7.o7: I will be putting up a resource page soon crediting all the brush makers that supplied me with my tools. A layout is in the making as well as a userinfo layout. Getting more icons made for a suitable opening. Taking requests!

Sun/o1.o6.o7: Faerie Graphics created.